Livlively is a gift from mother Nature, which is blend of all natural extracts, fruits and leaves , helps to improve the overall GUT health by regulating the gastric juices, improving intestinal microbial flora and resolving the issue of Leaky GUT.
European Technology

LivLively Researched in collaboration with technology from Europe, to extract the components from completely natural source which can blend together to give maximum benefits to the consumer.

Tablets / Capsules being Manufactured in India

LivLively has been completely developed in India with team of our scientist tirelessly working day and night to understand the concept behind the Leaky Gut and resolution for the same from Phytochemicals extracts of the ingredients being used. Livlively is a qualitative product, chemical free and with blend of all natural extracts, fruits and leaves to ensure good health.

Many Years of Research

LivLively has been carefully researched for extraction of right amount of extracts, fruits and leaves to be used in the formulation and then pilot research on its effect on different organs has been conducted thoroughly to ensure best result from the product.

International Quality

The blend of LivLively is being manufactured in the Europian manufacturing facilities to ensure 100% qualitative product.

Chemical Free

No chemicals have been used in preparation of LivLively, which makes it completely safe and non-addictive. Even the extraction process is completely water based. Hence 100% natural active ingredients for maintaining the overall Human health.

Restores Balance

Based on Ayurvedic and modern Science , helps in restoring body’s natural balance, LivLively does not stops the release of the essential gastric acid but ensure the balance in acid production so that proper amount of gastric acid is being produced to help digest food completely and body receives maximum nutrition value from the food.

Ingredient Brief - Pictorial


Phyllanthus emblica - Liver tonic, diuretic, laxative, improves digestion, restores balance in the acid production of the body

Tea Leaves Extract

Camellia sinensis – acts as antioxidant and reduces the inflammation in the intestine and stomach.